Viña Undurraga is one of the largest wineries in Chile and its main winery is right outside of Santiago, in the Maipo Valley. You can end up with quite a large tour group, but it’s a nice option to see one of Chile’s largest wine producers in action.

Vines and summer grapes at Viña Undurraga

Vines and summer grapes at Viña Undurraga

Tours are available by reservation. Tour times are as follows:

Monday – Friday at 10:15am, 12:00am, 2:00pm and 3:30pm

Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays at 10:15am, 12:00pm and 3:30pm

The tour is approximately 1.5 hours. I e-mailed to reserve a tour the day before we went and got a confirmation of our reservation about an hour later; so you can make last-minute reservations if you’re not sure about your plans. They offer English-speaking tours only at certain times so if you need one, ask when you’re making your reservation. Their tour groups are large so if you’re in the area and want to visit it might be worth it to stop by and ask if they can squeeze you in. During any Chilean Holidays, when wineries tend to get a lot of visitors, I would suggest making a reservation earlier to ensure your spot.

We did a Spanish-speaking tour and there were about 35 people on the tour with us. Our Spanish-speaking guide was nice and made wine jokes through his presentation. The English-speaking tours might be smaller, and if you’re looking for a more personalized experience you can request a private more intimate and detailed tour for 3-8 people, which includes a cheese plate. They also provide picnic lunches for two if you want to have your lunch there while enjoying the grounds.

Wine Tasting in the Gardens at Viña Undurraga

Wine Tasting in the Gardens at Viña Undurraga

We had 4 tastings instead of the advertised 3, 2 white wines (one dessert) and 2 red wines, We enjoyed 2 out of the 4 wines and picked up a bottle of the Cabernet Sauvignon that we tasted for around $7 USD, the best bang for our buck that day! The standard tour is $8.000 CLP, about $15 USD and the private tour is $28.000 pesos about $50 USD, with each you get to keep your glass. Traveling with glasses isn’t ideal but if your family is visiting you in Santiago, it’s a good way to pick up a nice set of wine glasses for your place!

They have a nice shop at the end with lots of wine-themed shirts and accessories if you’re looking for gifts for your wine-loving/drinking friends. Check out some wine reviews before you go if you’re interested in buying wines other than ones you tasted. They sell their wines at a little discount from the regular stores.

The weather was really foggy starting out (somewhat typical of a summer morning in the valleys outside of Santiago) but by the time our tour was over at midday, the sun had come out and we were able to take some nice photos on the grounds with their lovely flowers and trees.

Foggy Morning at Viña Undurraga

Foggy Morning at Viña Undurraga

Tip: Pay attention to the condition of the roses planted at the end of the rows, they’re used as pest control. They get eaten first and then the winery knows when they’re being invaded. Take a walk through the vine garden if you’re interested in the differences between the plants; they have all their different grapes planted here for a close-up look.

Getting there by car: The winery is easy to get to, it’s about 34 kms south of Santiago, just a 45 minute drive from downtown off the Autopista Del Sol (Ruta 68 Sur). Take the exit for Talaganta, turn right off the exit ramp onto Avenida 21 de mayo and drive until you hit the traffic circle in the middle of town.Then go right onto Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins and the winery is a few kms down on the left. Our GPS was off so just keep going until you see the entrance gates, the winery is right on the road and well-labeled so you can’t miss it. Don’t forget to bring some cash for the tolls, if you rent a car, you’re covered for the tolls through the city but once you hit the toll booths you have to pay yourself, and they only take cash. If you’re just going to the winery $5.000 CLP should be more than enough for the round trip.

Getting there by bus: Take the Metro to Estacion Central on the Red Line. Leaving from Terminal San Borja at the Metro station take a bus to Talagante. Ask the bus driver if they can drop you off at the winery, otherwise take a taxi or walk the few kms from Talagante to the vineyard.

For more photos of Viña Undurraga check out our Facebook Album.

Things to do nearby:

Pomaire is about 20 minutes further south on the Autopista Del Sol, it’s a nice shopping and eating break after visiting the winery.

Isla Negra, one of Pablo Neruda’s houses, is about an hour and half drive from Pomaire. You can spend the afternoon on the beach after visiting the museum.

Valparaíso is about an hour and half north of Isla Negra, there are a few accommodation options in Isla Negra but if they’re full you have a lot more options in Valparaíso.

If you want to return to Santiago is about an 1 hour drive from Pomaire, a 2 hour and 15 minute drive from Isla Negra and about an hour and a half from Valparaíso.

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