Article Updated April 2016

On arrival in Chile, tourists from certain countries will need to pay a reciprocity fee. This fee applies to citizens of countries that impose a fee on Chilean visitors to their countries. Currently, the list of countries includes (but is not limited to) Australia, and Mexico. The reciprocity fee can now be paid by credit card or cash and they accept several common currencies, but make sure the bills are in perfect condition the won’t accept any that are damaged, the prices are listed at the desk for each.

If you’re a US or Canadian citizen please note that you no longer have to pay a reciprocity fee although they were required in the past.

If you have a student visa or other work/residency visa, you are not required to pay the reciprocity fee just show your visa page in your passport. If you have a cedula, always carry it with you to show along with your passport.

For info on what you can expect to pay, check the Aeropuerto de Santiago website.