Oh, the age-old dilemma of where to stay. What’s good? What’s the area like? Is it safe? Will I catch bedbugs? Is it clean and comfortable? Do they have breakfast? How much is it? How does it compare to other places nearby?

Typical hostel room


These questions are sometimes easily answered, and sometimes not. Of course the hostel or hotel will tell you that they are fabulous and trendy and just steps away from the hub of city life whilst nestled in a peaceful and leafy side-street… When in fact you’ve just spent money to stay in a total dingy dive, unable to sleep for the noise of traffic and nightclubbers. Boo!

I’ve stayed in many a hostel or hotel, and I know what I want, what I look for, and what I would pay extra for. I endeavour to bring you an unbiased, factual and accurate report on accommodation options in Santiago. As I haven’t stayed in any of these particular places, I can’t claim to know them from experience. My reviews are merely presenting the perks, the drawbacks and the important information.

As we progress, we at Santiago Tourist hope to add more and more options, and within different price ranges and styles. Currently we only have information on several hostels.


Hostels/ Hostales:

Castillo Surfista

Don Santiago Backpackers

Hostal Providencia

La Casa Roja

Santiago Backpackers


We are always looking to add more information: if you have stayed somewhere in Santiago that you think people would like to know about, email us at “santiagotourist DOT com AT gmail DOT com” and we will try to visit it and share your recommendation. Please also feel free to email any personal reviews about somewhere you have stayed and/or any of the places we have listed. We plan to eventually publish these – if you would like to remain anonymous, this will of course be respected.