Used clothing stores are common in Santiago and if you’re looking to pick up something while you’re traveling it can be a great way to save money. There are used clothing stores all over the city but there is a huge concentration of them on Calle Bandera in Santiago Centro: 35 different stores at last count, which carry a varied selection of clothing and accessories, ranging from bins of personalized t-shirts to wedding gowns. You can find all sorts of clothing, jewelry, watches, ties, shoes, belts, purses, sunglasses, sports clothing and equipment, and more.

Flamante secondhand clothing shop on Bandera

Flamante secondhand clothing shop on Bandera

Many of these stores sell used clothing bought in bulk from the United States or items that have been donated in Chile. Due to this you will often find recognizable brands from popular stores in the United States and Europe. You can find some really great items but you’ll need some time to sort through everything. If you need something ASAP this may not be a great option for you, you’re better off heading to one of the local malls. Most if not all of the stores are closed on Sunday, as is much of Santiago Centro. During the week they tend to close between 7pm to 8pm and on Saturdays many may close earlier, around 3pm.

meicys secondhand clothing store on Bandera

meicys secondhand clothing store on Bandera

They are also good places to go if you’re looking for skiing or surfing outfits for your temporary stay in Chile. You probably don’t want to travel with your bulky ski clothing or wetsuit, especially if you’re heading to or coming from South Americas warmer beach countries. You can find all of these items new in stores here, or even rent them at the ski shops if you’re just going once, but if you’re only going to be using them for a season you might prefer to pick up a gently used set. The stores all have a different selection and quality of products and prices, just like thrift shopping elsewhere, but don’t always expect rock bottom prices. Some of the stores are set up like mall shops and others like bulk retailers and the prices and storefront vary accordingly. Many of the shops also have seasonal inventory just like mall shops so if you’re looking for things like Halloween costumes or specific seasonal items you will have better luck closer to that time of year.

Emporium Orange Blue secondhand store on Bandera

Emporium Orange Blue secondhand store on Bandera

In some cases these items are new or practically new, in others they are well used. Make sure you try on and inspect your items fully prior to buying as it’s unlikely the stores will offer returns or exchanges, and don’t forget to always wash anything before wearing it. We have listed only the stores that have websites below and in our map, including 20 additional locations in Santiago Centro not on Bandera. Tourist tip: if you see a store around Santiago that is selling Ropa Americana, there’s a good chance it’s also a second hand store. However, do note that the chain Vintage, actually sells new clothing! The stores on Bandera are located on the 4-5 blocks between General Mackenna and Catedral streets and you can easily access them from either Metro Cal y Canto or Metro Plaza de Armas.

Grupo Meicy owns several of the used clothing store chains in Chile including:

  • meicys – with 4 locations around Santiago including 3 different stores on Bandera
  • Orange Blue – with 11 locations around Santiago including 5 different stores on Bandera
  • Flamante – with 10 locations around Santiago including the one on Bandera

Other stores on Bandera:

  • Cero 90 – with 30 + locations around Santiago including the one on Bandera
  • BOW! – with 4 locations around Santiago including 3 different stores on Bandera
  • Urban Souls – with 1 location on Bandera
  • Nostalgic – with 11 locations around Santiago including 3 different stores on Bandera

Stores without locations on Bandera

  • T.H.C. (affiliated with Cero 90) – with 5 locations around Santiago
  • Reciclage I Love – with one location on Avenida Providencia 1437, Santiago
  • El Ropero – with one location on Enrique Mac Iver 711, Santiago
  • Santiago Ropa Vintage – with one location on Paseo Phillips 451
  • Baccarat la tiendita vintage – with one location in Persa Bio-Bio flea market: Persa Santa Rosa, Galpon 1, Local 332, only open on Weekends and holidays

Things to do nearby:
Bandera is right by Plaza de Armas and just a few blocks across the river from La Vega. You can easily check it out while you’re following our Walking Tour, or before or after you visit the Pre-Colombian History Museum.

Our Map details out the stores with websites in Santiago Centro. There are more shops on Bandera and beyond just keep your eyes open!

Note: This article was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question before planning your trip.

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