If you have access to a car, there are a lot of vineyards to visit near Santiago, but Viña Cousiño Macul and Viña Aquitania are two that are easily accessible by the Metro!

Viña Aquitania at the base of the Andes

Viña Aquitania at the base of the Andes

Viña Aquitania is a small boutique winery at the base of the Andes and although it doesn’t have sprawling vineyards, their location right at the foot of the Andes makes for an impressive view. If you are looking for an intimate tour of a small vineyard, then this is the place for you.

The Tours
Their staff is small but friendly and their guide speaks English well. Your tour begins with a climb up into their tower, overlooking their entire property and offering 360 degree views of the area. If you go on a rare smog-free day the views will be spectacular, but even if you experience a bit of smog, it’s still amazing to see the contrast from the grandeur of the Andes on one side to the bustling city of Santiago on the other. Being a small vineyard, they do everything on site so you will see their whole process, from the tanks to the labeling, which is often done by hand. After your tour you will stop in their picturesque garden, where you will taste the wines and then be left to relax and enjoy the rest of your glass overlooking their vines and the Andes. If you enjoyed the wine you can buy them, at a discount, in their gift shop. Please note that since they are a smaller winery you will not find them in grocery stores, just a few specialty shops and some restaurants. So if you like the wine you should buy it while you have the opportunity. As with most wineries in Chile they mainly export their wines so ask your guide if they have it available in your country.

Viña Aquitania's tower overlooking the winery

Viña Aquitania’s tower overlooking the winery

The winery is open for visits Monday through Friday and is closed all holidays and weekends. They offer bilingual tours (English and Spanish) of about an hour, for 2 or more visitors. You can choose either the Standard tour and wine tasting with one Rose wine and two Reserve wines for $7.000 CLP (approximately $14 USD) per person, or the Premium tour and wine tasting with three of their Premium wines for $15.000 CLP (approximately $30 USD) per person.

Because it’s a small winery you can’t just show up at their gate unannounced, but if you call or e-mail early in the day they will arrange same day tours for you if they have the availability.
To arrange your visit call: +56 227914500 or e-mail: info@aquitania.cl

If you want to drive yourself just enter: Avenida Consistorial 5090, Peñalolén, Santiago, into your GPS or Google maps and hit the road.

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Antique Wine Tanks at Viña Cousiño Macul

Antique Wine Tanks at Viña Cousiño Macul

Viña Cousiño Macul is one of the oldest wineries in Chile. It boasts the first vines in Chile, planted in 1546, although the winery wasn’t founded until 1856. The vineyard is still run by the original founding family and uses only its own grapes in its wine production. It is also one of the larger wineries in Chile, with the cellars to match; you don’t get to see too much of the vines on your tour but the cellars are quite nice. They often host events at this location and you may see them holding one or setting up during your tour. You will taste one white wine while touring their cellars and two reds at the end of the tour in their tasting room. They have a small gift shop area with discounted wines and they sell some wines here you can’t find in the stores, so if you liked one ask if it’s one of the wines only available there. The tour comes with a souvenir Viña Cousiño Macul wine glass, which they give to you at the start of the tour so make sure you hang on to it for the tastings as you go along.

The private cellar at Viña Cousiño Macul

The private cellar at Viña Cousiño Macul

The Tours
They have a set schedule Monday to Friday: 11:00am, 12:00pm, 3:00pm and 4:00pm in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 11:00am and 12:00pm in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Tours start at $9.000 CLP or $18 USD per person. The standard tour includes a Viña Cousiño Macul wine glass and a tasting of a varietal and reserve wine and lasts 45 minutes. If you have a larger group or prefer a private tour, you can arrange your own tour in advance.

Tourist Tip: They are not open during all holidays so if you want to visit during a holiday, check their website and contact them in advance.

As it’s a larger winery with a preset tour schedule, you could try to just stop by for a tour but they request that you make advanced reservations. However you shouldn’t have much trouble arranging same day visits if they have the availability.
To arrange your visit call: +56 22351 4135 or +56 22351 4166 or e-mail: ventas@cousinomacul.cl

If you want to drive yourself just enter: Avenida Quilín 7100, Peñalolén, Santiago, into your GPS or Google maps and hit the road.

For more photos of Viña Cousiño Macul check out our Facebook Album.

Where to Eat
Neither winery has a restaurant on site but there are a few options nearby if you want to have lunch in the area. You can return to Paseo Quilín and eat there or do a little shopping, but it’s mainly food court restaurants. You can go to Jumbo and get some of their prepared foods for a picnic-style lunch. The strip mall across from Jumbo has a couple fast food options and a restaurant Cevichazo. There is another strip mall within walking distance of Viña Aquitania that has a Sushi House restaurant which should be open from 12pm-3:30pm for lunch.

When to Go
Wineries in Chile are typically open for tourism year round, however since January and February are big summer vacation months in Chile many wineries will close down at some point during those months so make sure to call or e-mail in advance during that time. March through May are the typical harvest months with more activity at the wineries. Some wineries will even offer special vendimia (harvest) events, either festivals or the option to participate in the harvesting itself, check their websites or contact them to learn about any vendimia programs. If you want to visit and witness the harvest in progress, you will have to be in close contact with the wineries as the harvest varies each year and often they don’t know until the week they start when it will begin.

Tourist Tip: Due to tour hours, and the wineries generally closing from 2pm until 3pm every day, if you want to visit both wineries on the same day, it’s best to plan to have lunch between your tours.

How to Get There
Just hop on at your closest Metro station, get onto Line 4 (the blue line) and take it to Metro Station Quilín (approximately 30 minutes from Santiago Centro). From there you can take a bus, a quick taxi ride, or walk to the wineries (it’s about a 2 km/1.25 mile walk to either of the wineries, and from winery to winery, but there is not much scenery on the way). Metro Los Presidentes is also close to the wineries but winery staff advised us that Metro Station Quilín is a better choice and much easier for getting a taxi.

Walk through the Metro station to the Mall Paseo Quilín exit, there you will find taxis waiting, just tell them which winery you want to go to. To Viña Aquitania, the cost is approximately $3.500 CLP and for Viña Cousiño Macul it is approximately $2.500 CLP. After your tour you can ask the winery to call you a taxi either to return to the Metro, go to a restaurant for lunch, or onto the next winery. It took about 10 minutes for my taxis to arrive.

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