La Moneda - Santiago, Chile


Santiago is a great city to live in if you want to learn Spanish and have a life changing experience. Here is a list of sites that can help you travel, study or work in Chile.

  • Transitions Abroad – This is basically the ultimate guide to living or alternative travel in any country. The article on Living in Chile has tons of great resources.
  • Saborizante Santiago – Although in Spanish, this site usually has pretty up to date info on nightlife and events going on in Santiago.
  • Compartodepto.cl – Through this site I found my first apartment in Chile and lived with a bunch of Chilean university students. Register for free and find your own housing through this great site.
  • thisischile.cl – “Chile’s official website”.  A great reference for tourists and students.  The Spanish page and English page are completely different, but both offer valuable information.
  • ilovechile.cl – “one of Chile’s leading English language media groups”.  An English language newspaper.  Valuable source for coverage of the arts and music events.
  • SERNATUR – government department with centres around the country, responsible for promoting and strengthening tourism in Chile. A great place to visit when you first arrive to get orientated.

Please add any resources you have in the comments section.