Article Updated April 2016

Shopping abroad can be an adventure and a lot of people really enjoy the new experience, but sometimes you want to shop in a familiar environment without spending all your money. Many people don’t know that there are American style outlet malls just outside of Santiago. Whether you’re looking for a bargain, or are on an extended journey and in need of replacement items, you should go Outlet Shopping in Santiago!

Outlet Boulevard Shops in Santiago, Chile

Outlet Boulevard Shops in Santiago, Chile

Outlet Boulevard

There are 3 main shopping options up in Quilcura. If you take the bus, when you get off on the same side of the road, there’s a strip mall called Outlet Boulevard. This has mostly surf and ski clothing shops but also some other types of stores like shoes, kitchen and home goods. There are also several other independent shops on this side of the road and a Wine outlet Tienda Andes Wines which in addition to selling alcohol and some prepared food products occasionally has tasting events at their shop, check their Facebook page for upcoming events.

Buenaventura Premium Outlet

If you cross the street you find the Buenaventura Premium Outlet. For current sales check their Facebook page. They have over 100 shops and focus mainly on clothing but have some well-known brands and good discounts. They recently expanded to provide an inside location on the front portion of the mall opening a Carolina Herrera, BCBG MAXAZRIA, Kenneth Cole and many other new shops. They have a small food court and a couple small restaurants and food carts if you’re in need of a snack. The mall is open until 8pm every day, including holidays, and opens at 10am Monday-Saturday and at 11am on Sundays.

Buenaventura Premium Outlet in Santiago, Chile

Buenaventura Premium Outlet in Santiago, Chile

Easton Outlet Mall

Just a 5 minute walk further down on that side is the Easton Outlet Mall, with over 75 shops for your continued browsing. Easton has a lot more children’s stores and accessories, additionally they have special sales on the 2nd floor from time to time so keep an eye out for them on their Facebook page. The shops are open daily from 10am till 8pm. They don’t have a food court but they do have a sit down restaurant and a few snacking options. Easton is only partly rented and has another 2 upper stories that can be converted into shops as well, so it has the potential to be a huge mall in the future.

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Easton Outlet Mall in Santiago, Chile

The outlets are not massive, but between all the shops on Calle San Ignacio they give you a lot of options. Most of the stores follow the American outlet style and you can find good deals for Santiago. Discounts vary by store just like the US but are generally anywhere from 20-70% off and they often have a special additional discount/sale going on, especially during the holidays. Check for current store listings, but in addition to local stores we found a lot of foreign brands, many we were familiar with. The stores are open most holidays but not all so be sure to confirm before you go. It’s not something to do every weekend but the savings are worth a trip out every few months.

How to get there

To get to the outlets using Transantiago, take the Metro to line 2, the orange line, and get off at Zapadores; on the same corner as the Metro station, at parada 4 on Zapadores, take the B-12 bus. It takes off on Avenida Recoleta towards Santiago Centro, but quickly turns and backtracks back to Zapadores. The bus takes you through a whole variety of Santiago cityscape. After about 20 minutes you hit the highway Vespucio Norte, the bus crosses under the highway and enters the warehouse part of town. It follows another highway north for a while; when you reach calle San Ignacio, as the bus turns the corner, you will see the Buenaventura Outlet Mall on the left. Get off the bus at the second stop on calle San Ignacio. The ride to and from Metro Zapadores is about 30 minutes each way.

To get back, go to the bus stop to the left of the Buenaventura Outlet Mall as you walk out of it, or to the right of Easton. Just get back on the B-12 and take it to Zapadores Metro Station, then take the Metro home. When the bus turns onto Zapadores and you see all the street market stands, you’re close to the Metro, just keep an eye out for the three red diamonds and hit the button to get off when you see them. Don’t worry about missing it, most people are getting off here as it’s the beginning and the end of the line.

Local bus trips can be difficult as there are no announcements, and of course you have to hit the button before your stop otherwise the bus may not let you off where you want to be. The bus is also not a fast way of getting around town so if your time in Santiago is limited you may want to hire a driver or rent a car. There are only a few buses that pass the outlets so if you want a less crowded ride I suggest you go early in the day as after the stores close there are a lot of people waiting to catch the buses back into town.

You cannot pay for buses any other way so don’t forget to pick up a tarjeta bip!, available to buy at any Metro station, before you go. If you need to, you are allowed to pay for more than one fare with the same tarjeta bip! on the Metro or the buses. However, the cheaper transfer rate (Metro to bus or bus to Metro) will only apply for one traveler, so if you’re planning multiple trips with bus/Metro combinations, or are staying in Santiago for a while, it may be worth it to buy a tarjeta bip! for each person.

If you want to map it out yourself or drive there, use the address: Avenida San Ignacio 500, in the comuna Quilcura.

Note: This article was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question before planning your trip.

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