Matteo Fiori


Matteo-Fiori-Profile-Photo-Santiago-Tourist-Chile-South-America-Tourism-GuideA California native, Matteo left his home state several years ago in order to make room for all the other dreamers. He found his paradise in the geographically kindred land of Chile, and has devoted himself to writing ever since. A fan of wine, culture, and adventure, Matteo has been bouncing between his old and new homelands for several years, but is starting to spend the bulk of his time in this land of poets.

When not working on new translations of Chilean authors such as Neruda and De Rokha, Matteo is penning his own prose, interpreting his enchanting experiences in Chile’s varied cultural and physical landscapes. His rambling in word and deed have led him into the backcountry of the commanding Cordillera de Los Andes, through the wild streets of bohemian Valparaiso, and to other far out places such as the magical archipelago of ChiloĆ© and the mystical Valle de Elqui. To get in touch or read more on Matteo’s adventures in Chile, check out his website,, where you’ll find metaphysical musings, poetry translations, and excerpts from his upcoming novel set here in the illustrious land of Chile.

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