La Pastora-with Location Plan

Santiaguinos love their sculptors. Wandering around the city and its parks, you will find many works of art on prominent display. The municipality of Las Condes in Santiago promotes art in many forms and to commemorate the country’s Bicentennial in 2010, they created a project to share the works of ten of the leading sculptors in an open-air setting.

The location for the ‘open-air museum’ was an inspired choice. Lined on both sides by attractive citrus trees, the short paseo named La Pastora, connects the northern entrance of the Las Condes Civic Centre on Avenida Apoquindo, to the restaurant street of Isidora Goyenechea. As such, it perfectly complements the cultural offerings already available at the Civic Centre and its adjoining Municipal Theatre.

Open-air Museum at La Pastora


Ten works of art, measuring approximately 3 to 4 metres high, made from materials such as stone, bronze and steel are displayed, five on each side of the short paseo (Spanish for “open-air walkway” or something similar). The sculptors, whose works are on display, are Federico Assler, Cecilia Campos, Aura Castro, Francisca Cerda, Vicente Gajardo, Francisco Gazitúa, Mario Irarrázabal, Osvaldo Peña, Cristina Pizarro and Sergio Castillo. A guide to the works of art is located at the Civic Centre end of La Pastora with the names of the artists shown beside the location of their work.

Walking Man


The project cost approximately $300 million CLP ($600,000 USD) and was made possible thanks to the contributions of several Chilean companies, banks and financial institutions.

Finding La Pastora is easy. Travel to Metro stop El Golf (Line #1), take the Avenida Apoquindo Norte exit and walk through the Civic Centre. La Pastora is directly in front.


La Pastora