AJ Block


I lived in Santiago, Chile for six months and I can truly say that this city is underrated on the list of top global tourist destinations. Santiago offers an intriguing history (only having left dictatorship in 1990), amazing night life sectors, and a face that can’t be compared to anywhere else. This guide is intended to show you what you really need to see and know to make the best of your time in Santiago. I came here to study and learn Spanish, but I’ve seen more of the city than you will possibly be able to cover, even if you stay a month. I’m going to try to share with you all the greatest spots in Santiago, whether or not they are covered in the published tour guides. I did actually come here with an English travel guide (Let’s Go: Chile), but those things are written from such an outsider’s point of view, that you can’t really get the Santiago experience (nor can you in any foreign city) if you don’t read literature written by a native, or of course, live there. So although I’m not a native, I lived in Santiago for a long period and I really think I have enough to share about this great city that you will find useful.

I currently live in New York City, where my main focus is performing and teaching the didgeridoo, an Aboriginal Australian wind instrument known for its meditative qualities. Come visit me at ajblock.com.

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