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Fiestas Patrias is one of the most important holidays in Chile; it’s also known as Dieci-ocho (eighteen). Though the event itself is made up of two days (the 18th and 19th of September), many people take the whole week off and travel within Chile to visit their family.

Lago Todos Los Santos

Fondas (sometimes called Ramadas) are big parties or festivals, generally consisting of: food, drink, live music, dancing, crafts and other things for sale and more. They are a big part of the celebration and are held all over the country during the week of Fiestas Patrias, with many communities offering various celebratory events during the entire month. Some last one day, others last the entire week and many offer camping areas where people can stay. During the day, unless otherwise noted by an age limitation, the Fondas are family-friendly, but as evening approaches they can get a bit rowdier and many go on until very late. They also vary greatly in size, with the larger ones hosting thousands of people, so if you go, be safe and don’t take anything you wouldn’t want to lose.

Here is a list of many of the Fondas scheduled for 2014: they cater to all types of people, from traditional folk music to hard-core rock and roll. Check them out and find the one that’s right for you! We are going to be updating this list with any Fondas we hear about so check back and if you know of any not on our list, please send us the info. We have tried to provide the most updated information but if you find anything has changed please let us know that as well!

*Note not all the Fonda’s have listed their dates online for 2014, for those that haven’t (many are posted online in early to mid September) we have * (starred) them, and listed their 2013 information for your reference.

Santiago (Región Metropolitana):

When: September 17-21 from 11am-12am
Where: Plaza Ines de Suarez, Providencia
Cost: Adults $4.000, Seniors and Children $2.000

Fonda Bizarra
When: September 17-20th starting at 3pm
Where: Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 4365
Cost: you can buy tickets ahead at Rebel Music (Eurocentro)
September 17, 19 y 20: $3.000 until September 10th, $4.000 until day of, $5.000 at the door (spaces limited)
September 18: $10.000 first 200 spots, $14.000 until day of, $18.000 at the door (spaces limited)

La Chingana de los Guachacas
When: September 18-19 starting at 10:59pm
Where: Estación Mapocho
Cost: Presale $5.000 (plus service charge) until August 31st, Presale September 1-17 $6.000 (plus service charge), $7.000 at the door

Fonda Guachaca Lopradina
When: September 17-20
Where: Metro Lo Prado, San Pablo 5959
Cost: $4.000 only for sale at the event box office

Fonda Oficial de Peñaflor
When: September 17-21
Where: Parque Comunal El Trapiche
Cost: Not listed, in 2012 it was $4.000 presale and $5.000 at the gate, $2.500 for children

La Fonda Vegana el Huaso Vegetariano
When: Cancelled for 2014

Vegana la Fonda
When: September 19, from 10pm
Where: Centro El Cerro, Bombero Nuñez 231, Recoleta
Admission: $2.000 until 12am, $3.000 after

Esto no es Fonda: Puro Verde la Pica Vegetariana
When: September 18-19 12pm-12am
Where: Grajales 2543, Metro ULA
Cost: None listed for 2014, in 2013 it was $2.000 Presale at Puro Verde la Pica Vegetariana, Grajales 2543 & $3.000 at door, children under 12 free

La Fonda Vegana Vegetariana de Providencia
When: September 18-20, 11:00am-11:00pm
Where: Jardín de Lotus, Miguel Claro 1114
Admission: $3.500, includes a veggie empanada

Eco Fonda Primavera: una contra-fonda de amor
When: September 18-20 1pm-1am
Where: La Casona Hostel, Almirante Montt 465
Cost: from 1om-8pm, $2.000, students $1.000, after 8pm, $4.000, students $3.000, Children under 12 free, Alcohol sold only after 8pm

La Yein Fonda en Parque O´Higgins
When: Cancelled for 2014

La Yein Fonda presenta: La Piter Fonda
When: September 18-19 starting at 9pm
Where: Club Chocolate, Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 192
Cost: Presale tickets only $12.000

Chile, Santiago te Celebra
When: September 17-21 11am-4am
Where: Parque O´Higgins
Cost: $2.500, kids under 12 free

La Gran Fonda Nacional
When: September 18-19 from 8pm
Where: Matucana 100
Cost: Presale starting at $10.000 from Ticketek until September 15

When: September 17-21 from 8pm
Where: Medialunas de Nos, Panammericana Sure KM 25
Cost: from $2.000

Fonda Pobre de Guachupé 2014
When: September 18-20 starting at 9pm
Where: Bar Las Tejas, San Diego 236, Santiago
Cost: presale $7.000 at TICKETEK

Fondas 2013 en Parque Mallinco
When: Cancelled for 2014

Fonda Electrizante 2014!
When: September 17-21
Where: Centro Cultural Amanda
Cost: Presale per day $6-8.000, general admission $10.000
Presale for three days $20.000

Fonda Permanente “La Popular” @ Club Hípico
When: September 17-19 starting at 8pm
Where: Club Hípico
Cost: September 17 & 19 Pre Sale $10.000 only at Agustinas 2359 M-Sat from 4pm-8pm, or on Ticketek plus service charge. September 18 Pre Sale $7.000 only at Agustinas 2359 M-Sat from 4pm-8pm, or on Ticketek plus service charge.

Fonda Permanente “La Popular” @ Espacio Broadway
When: September 17-19 starting at 8pm
Where: Espacio Broadway, buses leave from Metro Pajaritos at 6pm
Cost: September 17 & 19 Pre Sale $10.000 only at Agustinas 2359 M-Sat from 4pm-8pm, or on Ticketek plus service charge. September 18 Pre Sale $7.000 only at Agustinas 2359 M-Sat from 4pm-8pm, or on Ticketek plus service charge.

Fonda Fiesta de la Nueva Chilenidad 2nd version
When: September 17-21
Where: the Piscina Municipal de Maipú
Cost: $2.000 for adults, $1.000 children

Fonda Don Oscar 2014, “La Fonda Festival de Chile”
When September 17-21, from 8:30pm-5am
Where: Espacio Don Oscar, Av. Pajaritos 4155, near Metro Monte Tabor
Cost: Presale online $12.000 plus service charge, or at Espacio Don Oscar, Parking $2.000

La Gran Fonda Galpón 850
When: September 18-19, from 10:00pm
Where: Teatro Caupolicán, San Diego 850
Cost: Presale $5.000, from TICKETEK and at Teatro Caupolicán from 10am-7pm

XIX Semana de la Chilenidad 2014
When: September 12-21, events all day starting at 7:30-8:30 am
Where: Parque Alberto Hurtado
Cost: Adults $4.000, Seniors and Children $2.000, Parking $5.000, tickets for sale at the park box office

Semana de la Chilenidad
When: September 17-21, starting at 12:00
Where: Parque Cerrillos, Av. Pedro Aguirre Cerda 6100, ex aeropuerto
Admission: $3.000, Free parking

*Fonda de Mierda
When: September 18th starting at 11pm
Where: Galpón Victor Jara, Huérfanos 2146, Santiago
Cost: $4.000

Viva Chile Viva Buin
When: September 5-18, Fondas starting September 17
Where: Various locations in Buin, Fondas at Los Guindos and Estadio Lautaro
Cost: None listed, check the website for updates

Gran Fonda Pablo Estomar
When: September 17 from 9pm, September 18 from 11pm, September 19 from 10pm & September 20 & 21 no time listed
Where: Kilometer 33 of Panamericana Sur, next to Buin Zoo
Cost: only 3,000 tickets available per day, $11.300 on tickethoy.com

Fonda “Ni pa rico ni pa pobre”
When: September 18-20
Where: Arena Recoleta, Av. Einstein 848, Recoleta
Cost: Free until 7pm $2.000 pesos after

15° Fiesta Chilena de Ñuñoa
When: September 17-21
Where: Estadio Nacional (Avenida Grecia 2001)
Cost: $2.000, $1.000 for children and seniors

Fiesta Criolla de Quilicura
When: September 17-21 Starting at 4pm
Where: Vespucio con Ismael Briceño (ex Saturnino)
Cost: None listed

Fonda Zapatenado en La Casona
When: September 18-20, from 12pm
Where: Santa Ines, Parque lo Carvallo #1000, Calera de Tango
Admission: $3,000, $8.000 for all 3 days

Fondas en Calera de Tango
When: September 16-21, from 12pm
Where: Estadio Calera, Paradero 21 de Lonquén sur, Calera de Tango
Admission: $3,000

La Fonda Flor de Peña
When: September 18-20, begins at 8pm
Where: Otto Fritzz, Caupolican 3461, Peñaflor
Admission: 18 and over only, Presale $4.500, General Admission $7.000

*Fiesta Familiar de la Chilenidad
When: September 17-22 Starting at 12pm
Where: Plaza de Abastos (the corner of Departamental and Avenida La Florida)
Cost: $1.000, children 5-17 $500, first 6.000 seniors free

La Fonda Del Rock
When: September 17-20
Where: Club Rock & Guitarras, José Pedro Alessandri 233
Cost: $3.000 presale, 4.000 at the door

Blanquita, la Fonda Alternativa
When: September 18
Where: Centro El Cerro, Avenida Bombero Núñez 231, Barrio Bellavista
Cost: $2-3.000 presale, $4.000 at the door

Fonda Hasta Abajo
When: September 17
Where: Centro El Cerro, Avenida Bombero Núñez 231, Barrio Bellavista
Cost: $2.000 presale, $3.000 at the door

When: September 18, 10pm
Where: Bar Grez, Antonia López de Bello 76, Barrio Bellavista
Cost: $3.500

When: September 18-19, 2pm-2am
Where: Caja Compensación Gabriela Mistral, San Jorge 1975, La Florida
Cost: $5.000 presale, $6.000 at the door

When: September 20, 2pm-2am
Where: BAR RAÍCES, Cueto 816
Cost: $3.000, before 12pm 2 for $4.000

When: September 17-20
Where: el Club Matadero, Santa Rosa 2260 2nd Floor, Barrio Matadero Franklin
Cost: $4-5.000

GRAN Fonda La Vieja Julia
When: September 17-21
Where: El parron con Panamericana, La Cisterna
Cost: $7-10.000

When: September 18-19
Where: Cancha Lo Arcaya, Pirque
Cost: $3.000

When: September 17&19
Where: Espacio Santa Filomena, Avenida Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 776
Cost: $8.000

When: September 17&19
Where: Centro Cultural El Negro Bueno, Avenida Vicuña Mackenna Poniente 7497c, La Florida
Cost: $3.000

Tambo Del Conacin
When: September 17-20
Where: Tambo Del Conacin, Nataniel Cox 185-b
Cost: $2.000 until 11pm, $3.000 after 11pm

Gran Fonda Dieciochera del Comercio Atlético
When: September 17-20
Where: Comercio Atletico, Calle San Diego 1130
Cost: $4.000

When: September 17-20
Where: Pasaje Príncipe de Gales 90, Santiago Centro
Cost: $5.000

Gran Fonda Oficial De Quinta Normal
When: September 17-20
Where: Av. Costanera Sur 4832, Quinta Normal
Cost: $6.000 presale, $8.000 at the door

When: September 17-20
Where: Ernesto Pinto Lagarrigue 80, Barrio Bellavista
Cost: $4.000 presale, $5.000 at the door

Fiestas Patrias de la Ilustre Municipalidad de Antofagasta
When: September 17-20
Where: Plaza de los Eventos
Cost: None Listed

Fonda Veg
When: September 16-17 12pm-10:30pm
Where: Hari-Dham, Homero Ávila #095
Cost: None Listed

Fonda Chinchorro en Espacio Soho
When: September 16-21
Where: Espacio SOHO, Buenos Aires 221, 1022512 Arica, Chile
Cost: days free, $5.000 at night

Bío Bío:
Fiesta de la Chilenidad ASOC. DE RODEO BÍO BIO
When: September 18-22
Where: El Resinto de SOCABIO
Cost: None Listed

Cajon del Maipo:
When: September 16-22 4pm-8:30pm or 9pm-1am
Where: Observatorio Pailalen, Camino al Volcan Km50
Cost: Children $18.000, Adults $23.000

When: September 18-20
Where: Club de Campo Las Vizcachas, Camino a San Jose de Maipo 05669
Cost: $5.000 presale at atrapalo.cl

La Vaquita Feliz Fonda Vegetariana
When: September 18-20 starting at 12pm
Where: Alameda Santa Rosa, Parcela 11
Cost: Camping $3.000

Las Fiestas Patrias se Viven en Colina
When: September 15-21
Where: Medialuna de Santa Filomena (500 meters from KM 19 of the autopista Los Libertadores)
Cost: None listed, for 2013 Adults $2.000 until 9pm, then $4.000, Children and Seniors $500

Fiestas Patrias & Fonda Oficial Concepción
When: September 9 & 13-21 various events
Where: Various locations
Cost: Free

Fiestas Patrias en Casino Marina del Sol
When: September 15, 17-20
Where: Casino Marina del Sol
Cost: None listed

Fiesta de la Chilenidad, Marina 1014
When: 18-21 September, 12pm-5am
Where: Espacio Marina
Cost: Free before 7pm, $4.000 after

When: 17-21 September, 12pm-5am
Where: Centro de Eventos Nonguen (in front of the zoo)
Cost: $4.000, children free

Coquimbo: (Claimed to be the biggest Parties in Chile!)
Fiesta de la Pampilla
When: September 17-20
Where: La Pampilla de Coquimbo
Cost: $1.000 per person or $5.000 per auto

When: September 17-20
Where: La Pampilla de Coquimbo
Cost: Not listed, check the website for updates

Gran Fonda Oficial Curicó 2013
When: September 17-20 9:30pm-5am
Where: Camino A Rauco, Km 03
Cost: free on the 17th, other dates cost not listed

La Gran Ramada de Iquique
When: September 17-21
Where: Avenida Salvador Allende y Manuel Castro Ramos
Cost: Was free last year

Fonda Mambo Rock
When: September 17-20
Where: Hostería Cavancha, Los Rieles 755 Cavancha, Iquique
Cost: $5.000 presale, $10.000 at the door, Children under 13 $2.000, 4 day pass $20.000

La Serena:
*Pampilla Quebrada del Jardín
When:September 17-21
Where: Quebrada del Jardín
Cost: Traditionally free

*Veg Fonda
When: September 17 starting at 7pm
Where: C.C.Vrinda, Lautaro 841, La Serena
Cost: $1.000

Fiestas Patrias Licantén 2013
When: September 8-20
Where: Municipalidad de Licantén
Cost: None Listed

Los Andes:
Festival del Guaton Loyola
When: September 13-21 starting
Where: el Estadio Centenario
Cost: None listed last year was, $4.000

*las ramadas en Los Andes
When: September 17-22 from 10am-4pm on the 22nd until 8pm
Where: Parque Cordillera
Cost: None listed

Fonda Maitencillo
When: September 18-20 from 11pm
Where: Maitencillo Beach
Cost: age 25 and up, Presale $9.000 Entel discount $7.000, 3 day pass presale $18.000

Fonda Pantanal
When: September 17-21
Where: Parcela 12, Mantagua, Carretera F-30-E
Cost: Day $2.000, Night $5.000

La GRAN FONDA 2013 La oficial de Melipilla
When: September 17-20
Where: CLUB AEREO, Melipilla
Cost: Day $5-7.000

Fiestas Patrias Molina 2014
When: September 13-20
Where: Various locations Molina
Cost: None listed

When: September 17-20
Where: Medialuna de Molina
Cost: free on the 17th

Programas Fiestas Patrias
When: September 3-26
Where: Various Locations, Navidad
Cost: None Listed

When: September 17-20
Where: Nogales, Valparaiso
Cost: None Listed

Olmué Capital Folclórica de Chile
When: September 6, 13, 20, 27, 11am to 2pm
Where: Plaza Manuel Montt, Olmué
Cost: None Listed

Fiestas Patrias en el municipio de Osorno
When: September 17-20
Where: Various Locations, Osorno
Cost: None Listed

Fiesta Criolla en Panquehue
When: September 15- 21, 12pm-6pm
Where: Pérgola y Estadio Los Libertadores
Cost: None Listed

Pelarco/El Arrozal:
Fiesta de la Chilenidad de El Arrozal
When: September 19
Where: El Arrozal
Cost: None Listed

Pelumpem, Olmué:
La Mansa Jarra
When: September 18-20 from 11am daytime activities and nightime 18-19 from 9pm-5am
Where: Camino Quebrada Alvarado S/N, Pelumpén
Cost: presale for 18 $5.000 at the door $7.000, 19 $3.000 until 12am

*Surfbeats Eco Fonda Pichilemu 2013
When: September 17-21
Where: Avenida Dionisio Acevedo #61, Pichilemu
Cost: $6.000

*Fonda Puerto Lobos
When: September 16-18
Where: Avenida comercio 255, Pichilemu
Cost: entrance free

Puerto Montt:
Various events throughout September check the websites for events outside the main Fonda
Fiestas Patrias Events
Fonda Segura
When: September 17-20
Where: Various locations
Cost: $5.000

La Gran Fonda Quillotana
When: September 18-20 from 12pm
Where: Rancho Doña Catalina, Ariztia 594, Quillota
Cost: Presale $3.000, General $4.000; 4 Day Ticket $10.000

When: September 17-21 from 12pm-5am
Where: Club Estudiantes de Quilpué, Alcalde Subercaseaux 1706, Quilpué
Cost: $3.000, before midnight

*Fonda Vegetariana El Novillo Feliz
When: September 19th starting at 12pm
Where: German Riesco #38, Rancagua, Chile
Cost: $500

Fonda Villa Maria, Requinoa 2014
When: September 18-20 starting at 12pm
Where: El Abra, Requinoa
Cost: Presae $7.000 for 3 days

San Antonio
Fiestas Patrias in San Antonio
When: Various Dates in September
Where: Various locations in San Antionio
Cost: None listed

Santa Cruz:
Fonda Casino Colchagua
When: 17-19
Where: Casino Colchagua
Cost: None

When: September 13-21
Where: Various locations in Santa Cruz
Cost: None listed

Fiestas Patrias en Casino Marina del Sol
When: September 15-20
Where: MC Discotheque, Casino Marina del Sol
Cost: varies

Fiesta de la Chilenidad Talcahuano 2014
When: September 16-28
Where: Various locations in Talcahuano
Cost: None listed

Various events throughout September
When: September 1-30
Where: Various locations in Temuco
Cost: None listed

Ramadas en Isla Cautín
When: September 15-21
Where: Isla Cautín
Cost: None listed

Various events throughout September check the websites for events outside the main Fonda
When: September 7-28
Where: Various Locations
Cost: None listed

Gran Fiesta Dieciochera, Di Yei Fonda
When: September 17-20 starting at11pm
Where: Club de la Unión, Camilo Henríquez 540
Cost: $3.500-4.500 general admission, $15.000 for 4 days

Valle Elqui:
Veg Fonda en Diaguitas
When: September 18-19 from 12pm
Where: Eco Truly Diaguitas, La Esperanza 251
Cost: Free

Fondas Parque Alejo Barrios
When: September 16 starting at 8:30pm until September 21 at 12am
Where: Parque Alejo Barrios
Cost: None listed

When: September 17-20
Where: Pachanguero Bar, Avenida Errázuriz 1282
Cost: $1.000 until 1am, $2.000 after

Villa Alegre:
*Ramadas Estadio Municipal
When: September 17-20 starting from 10am
Where: Estadio Municipal, on September 20th Plaza de Armas
Cost: None listed, prior years was $2.000

Viña del Mar:
La Gran Fiesta Criolla en el Sporting Club
When: September 16-21
Where: El Sporting Club
Cost: General $2.500, Seniors and Children under 12 years $1.500, Parking $3.000

Vegetariana la Vaquita Feliz
When: September 17 from 1pm
Where: Von Schroeders 190
Cost: None listed

*Fonda Camping Laguna Zapallar
When: September 18-21 11pm-5:30am
Where: Laguna Zapallar
Cost: for 4 days, starting at $20.000, over 26 years old only

Note: This article was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question before planning your trip.

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