The Chilean postal service is called CorreosChile. While it is basically comprehensive and sufficient, it does leave a little to be desired.


Postage times can be slow at times and are often inconsistent. A parcel from the U.S.A. arrived in less than two weeks; a friend of mine sent two postcards internationally (at the same time, to the same place) that arrived two weeks apart. If you are sending non-important items, like postcards, this service is cheap and easy. Prices are fair – to send a postcard internationally costs $430 (around $0.90 USD). There are locations all over the place – just look out for the red and white logos and you’ll never be far away.

What to look for – Chile’s national Postal service, Correos Chile

However, if you need to make sure that your important documents arrive at the destination in a safe and timely fashion, you might want to invest in courier postage. There are a few choices – DHL, Chilexpress and FedEx. Check out the websites to find your  nearest office. It’s very expensive (I wanted to send a two-page form back to Australia and was quoted $45 USD – no thank you!) so decide carefully.