For all those people out there who, like me, couldn’t navigate their way out of a paper bag, here’s some easypeasy instructions to get to the famous Santa Lucia markets.

Lights and lamps at the Santa Lucia markets

Take the Metro to Santa Lucia. (Take the bus if you want, look out for Cerro Santa Lucia and stop where you can near there.) When you exit the Metro, choose the exit that is not Miraflores. Go outside and walk towards the curb. Across the road you should see the beautiful stone buildings of the Biblioteca Nacional de Chile. If this is correct, then turn yourself right and walk. On the very next corner will be the markets. It is a long, curvy corner. Go in, get lost, wander, have fun, buy stuff.

Handcrafted shoes, Santa Lucia markets

Of course, there is some tat, but there are some real gems tucked away. Among the stalls you will find handcrafted shoes, boots, rugs, bags, woollen clothes and jewellery; there’s also lamps and lights, wooden instruments, plaques, souvenirs and leather goods.    It’s an impressive array and worth a wander. Definitely head here for all your memento/ gift needs. Right across the road is Cerro Santa Lucia; park and art all in one.

Santa Lucia Markets – woollen goods