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Love Street Art in Lastarria, Santiago

Although Valentine’s Day is typically an American holiday, lots of countries around the world are starting to share the love, Chile is no exception. Many restaurants around Santiago are putting on special holiday menus for you and your loved one to enjoy. Local vineyards are also creating special holiday lunches, dinners, or tasting programs. You can also order your dinner and desserts to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. We have listed many of these sites on our Facebook page but to help you decide which one is right for you we’re listing them all here. We’ve also included other events not necessarily couple related for those who are interested in non-traditional celebrations of their love!

Looking for a traditional gift like a teddy bear, flowers and chocolates? You can always head to your local mall or supermarket for options, or order your teddy bears online!

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Temple Asian Lounge at the Hotel Intercontinental is having a special holiday dinner and a lounge party for Valentine’s Day
Dinner from $90.000 CLP per couple

For some Spanish Valentine’s Day specialties, head to Carrer NOU for their special holiday menu.
$21.900 CLP per person

If you’re looking for a fancier French dinner go to Opera, or their more casual Catedral Bar for their Valentine’s Day dinner.
Opera – $90.000 CLP per couple
Catedral Bar – $50.000 CLP per couple

Zanzibar is offering a 3 course menu with wine.
$45.000 CLP, $55.000 CLP on the 14th, per person

If you prefer a traditional Arabic Valentine’s Day menu then check out Qatir.
$40.000 CLP per couple

Want dinner under the stars, then head to Cajon del Maipo’s Observatorio Pailalen for their Valentine’s Day program going on February 13-15.
$65.000 CLP per person

For a local Santiago chef Valentine’s Day dinner option try Ambrosia’s holiday menu.
$25.000 CLP per person

The Ritz-Carlton’s Arola restaurant is having a Saint Valentine dinner.
$55.000 CLP per person

For some Chinese-American Valentine’s Dishes, head to Palacio Danubio Azul.
$23.900 CLP per person

The Grand Hyatt Santiago is having Valentine’s Day dinners at two of their restaurants, Senso and Matsuri, e-mail them for more info.

Osaka at the W Hotel is have a spectacular Valentine’s Day dinner.
$19.990 CLP per couple

Hotel Plaza San Francisco is having a special Valentine’s Day dinner celebration.
$49.900 per person

El Otro Sito at Bordeorio is having a romantic holiday dinner.
$26.800 per person

Santiago Park Plaza is having a special Valentine’s Day dinner.
$37.900 CLP per person

Squadritto Ristorante in Lastarria has a special Valentine’s Day Menu.
$20.900 CLP per person

You can pick up your own dinner supplies or special foodie gifts at Coquinaria, or if you would rather, just enjoy their Valentine’s Day menu at their restaurant.
$38.000 CLP per person

Want to order your whole Valentine’s Day dinner to enjoy wherever you choose? Then La Pasta Divina has got your covered from starter to dessert!
$17.000 CLP for a meal for 2

If you prefer Peruvian food for your Valentine’s Day delivery, then call up Rocoto for their Valentine’s Day dinner.
$14.290 CLP for a meal for 2

Looking for some sweets for Valentine’s Day that aren’t just another box of chocolate? Then check out the Saint Valentine’s Boxes at Fiol Dulceria.
$5.000 CLP per box, $1.000 CLP for delivery on the 12th or 13th

Want to pick up some holiday cupcakes to share with your office, friends or loved one? Then check out Pastry Planet’s holiday cupcakes.

Looking for some live rock & roll for your Valentine’s Day? The Hard Rock Cafe has got you covered.
Live Music from 10:30pm

Do you prefer Valentine’s Day parties? Then check out the Luau of Love!

Don’t have a Valentine? Then head to California Cantina to meet one at their Valentine’s Day party!
$3.000 CLP until 11pm, $5.000 CLP after

Casablanca Valley

Summertime brings lots of festivals to Chile, if you’re looking for a fun escape from the city this weekend why not head to Casablanca for XX Encuentro Internacional de Payadores. With lots of food, wine, arts & crafts on offer and tons of music, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.
Entrance Free

Another Vineyard lunch or just chocolates and wine tasting in Casablanca Valley is at Vina Casas del Bosque.
$28.000 CLP per person for lunch, $12.000 CLP per person for chocolate and wine.

Matetic has 2 special Valentine’s Day lunch menus planned for the holiday.
$28.000 CLP per person

Viñamar is having a Valentine’s Day dinner at their winery.
$28.000 CLP per person

Colchagua Valley

If you want to get outside of Santiago check out Pilar Rodriguez Food & Wine Studio’s Valentine’s Day dinner in Colchagua Valley just 2 hours south of Santiago, you get a discount on future cooking classes with your dinner!
$35.000 CLP per person

Enjoy a picnic lunch at the Montgras Winery during the whole month of February.
$22.500 CLP per couple

Viña Viu Manet has a lunch program for Valentine’s Day.
$35.000 CLP per person

La Serena

Heading to the beach at La Serena for Valentine’s Day? Then don’t miss Bierfest La Serena 2014! Events all weekend for you and your Valentine, don’t have a Valentine, then it’s a great place to meet one!


If you want a weekend getaway, head to the Puma Lodge for their Valentine’s Day weekend getaway.
From $89.500 CLP

Viña Del Mar

Restaurant Don Joaquín at Hotel San Martin is having a special Valentine’s Day dinner.
$35.000 CLP per couple

Note: This story was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question.

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