Attention Santiago Tourists! We want your reviews!

What information can you share?

We often get asked for advice on where to stay in Santiago… But since we live here and don’t stay in the hostels or hotels, we need your help! We are now going to be working to put together an Accommodation series, full of relevant, accurate information about what accommodation options you can expect in Santiago.

To do this, we need to know your opinions  reviews and experiences! Here’s some things we’d like to know:


Have you stayed in Santiago recently? Where/Why/How was it?

Was it clean/fun/safe/awful/worth the money/ not worth the money?

Any tips for future guests?

Also… Did you go on any tours? Would you recommend them? Why/ Why not?

What were the main things you wanted to see in Santiago and what were the highlights of your trip?

Is there any essential information you think future visitors should know?


If you have something to share, please email us at “santiagotourist DOT com AT gmail DOT com” – we appreciate your assistance!

Please note: All reviews are submitted voluntarily and without payment. We may contact you for further details regarding your review and will not publish any of your reviews and/or personal details without your consent.