This location does not feature in much of the tourist literature and it is difficult to understand why.  If you are interested in local arts and crafts, then a few hours spent browsing through the many small shops in the Pueblo Los Dominicos is an option worth considering.

Arts and Crafts, Pueblo Los Dominicos

Located just a very short walk from the Los Dominicos Metro stop (Line #1, the final stop going East), it conveniently brings together every Chilean craft imaginable in a rustic cluster of outdoor shops. In some cases the shops also serve as a working area for the artisans and I found that they are only too pleased to show their work-in-progress and to provide insights into their talent. This adds greatly to the browsing experience and is really unique. You can see a variety of crafts in the creation stage such as leatherwork, ceramics and wood carving. The village also has a number of art workshops and exhibits and often the artists are available to explain their work and I noticed that art classes are available in a few studios.

Sculptor, Pueblo Los Dominicos

Small children will be entertained by several pet shops, most selling a variety of colourful birds, and by a few very large birdhouses with an odd collection of our feathered friends. Browsing is comfortable even on a hot day, as there is plenty of shade and a few cafes to stay cool and refreshed, although I suggest not going when it is raining or after showers as there is much of the ground that is not adequately paved. Don’t count on staying for lunch or an early evening meal as the food options are mostly limited to snacks and desserts. On my last visit I noticed that a kiosk had been set up to help with information and reservations about tours in and around Santiago.

Craftsman, Pueblo Los Dominicos

All in all this is a very pleasant way to pass a few hours, see a truly wide selection of the artisan offerings from Chile and in many cases personally interact with the artisans as they work. Pueblo Los Dominicos is open during normal business hours each day.

Note: This story was accurate when published. Please be sure to confirm all details directly with the sites in question.