Art enthusiasts rejoice! URBN STGO’s hit event Arte Accesible is coming again this month to Santiago! Next Tuesday, May the 13th, the Radicales building will open its doors once again to this smashing event! If you can’t make this one, keep an eye out for their next event.

Arte Accesible

Next Tuesday, May 13th at 19:30!
(Photo Credit: URBN STGO)

Appropriately named Arte Accesible, meaning Accessible Art, the event honors art and artists, bringing together local Chilean artists and musicians alike.

Arte Accesible takes place about every 6-8 weeks, depending on scheduling the various artists, in collaboration with Bar the Clinic – a popular bar in centro Santiago. Ever been to Bar the Clinic? With two locations in Santiago, on Monjitas (street) near the Bellas Artes Metro, or in Plaza Ñuñoa, the restaurant is great for enjoying good Chilean food and spirits with a unique, bustling atmosphere. While there are many political cartoons and memorials, you won’t be accosted with political arguments if you are just visiting and enjoying a meal!

Arte Accesible takes place in the neighboring event space, Radicales, which is owned by Bar the Clinic and in the same building.

 Photo Credit: Arte Accesible

Attend this awesome event and find out for yourself!
(Photo Credit: URBN STGO)

URBN STGO is the brains behind Arte Accesible and various other art-related events. Founded by Ian, Dan, and Paula, three Santiago artists who have the similar desire to share and promote art for people of all ages, countries, and artistic styles. Since March 2013 they have been hosting art tours and Arte Accesible in Santiago.

Arte Accesible

Paula, Ian, and Dan, the founders of URBN STGO and Arte Accesible!
(Photo Credit: URBN STGO)

Arte Accesible was set up as a way to bring art to the people. We all know that art can get rather expensive for many of us, so the event has the intention of bringing affordable art to the people. A sticker system is used, a silent auction process where you simply write your name, contact information, and how much you are willing to pay for the work. Later the artist will contact you in regards to your bid. However, if you really want to you can pay cash and walk out with your unique purchase!

Photo Credit: URBN STGO

Guests browse the unique, colorful art.
(Photo Credit: URBN STGO)

Arte Accesible is not just an art show. They try to incorporate a live band or DJ, other art installations and even live art. When I attended one of the events a local artist was printing unique posters and handing them out there on the spot! Talk about a great souvenir!

Arte Accesible

Guests watch a live art installation.
(Photo Credit: URBN STGO)

Each Arte Accesible has at least 20 artists for the event, and they try to bring in different artists each time, to incorporate varying styles and genres of work. So every event is unique! If you are an artist and would like to get involved, contact the URBN STGO team directly via their Facebook page.

Entrance is FREE and there is a cash bar, if you want to enjoy a drink!

URBN STGO also offers several other tours around the city. I have taken their tour of the majestic murals in the San Miguel Neighborhood and highly recommend the tour.

Arte Accesible

A group enjoys their tour of the San Miguel neighborhood!
(Photo credit: URBN STGO)

They also offer localized tours of several areas of the city including La Pincoya, Barrio Brazil, Barrio Bellavista, and Barrio Lastarria. Check their Facebook page for more details or contact them directly with questions – they speak English!

Hope to see you there!

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