The Plaza Peru on Avenida Isadora Goyenechea is a perfect place for a small roadside antique fair, as it is within easy walking distance of all classes of eating and drinking establishments. The fair is held every Sunday between 10am and 6pm so makes an interesting distraction either pre- or post- Sunday lunch.

Sunday Antique Fair

Don’t expect a large variety of antiques as the 20 to 30 tables are mostly arrayed with small objects. Do expect a lot of silverware, cutlery, dining items, accessories and glassware with a few tables offering miscellaneous pieces ranging from artillery items to jewellery.

Sunday Antique Fair

Depending on your level of interest in antiques, expect to spend 30 minutes to one hour browsing the tables, just enough to build an appetite as you wait for a table at the close-by Tiramisu restaurant or to help work off your lunch afterwards.

Terrace of Tiramisu Restaurant in Plaza Peru