Santiago Tourist is dedicated to sharing the experience of Santiago, Chile and major tourist destinations in South America with the world. Our English speaking team has come together to create a dynamic resource for English speaking visitors, and residents of Santiago, Chile and South America.

The original vision for Santiago Tourist came out of a student’s study abroad experience of living in a big city far from home. It has now become a collaborative effort. As travelers and residents in South America, our team has the insight to share something very special about this place. Our daily life and personal adventures provide our inspiration to create content and embarking on this endeavor has given many of us a reason to go out of our way and have new experiences worth sharing with the world.

Is Santiago Tourist limited to the city of Santiago? No! While Santiago Tourist will always cover new and interesting things in Santiago, Chile, our content elsewhere in South America will also continue to grow.

Are you a native English speaker who wants to share your own experiences in South America, contact us!