Chile, South America

Santiago, capital and largest city in Chile, is one of the most popular destinations in South America. A country filled to the brim with stunning landscapes, historical beauty, local charm and delectable foods, Chile is fast-becoming more than just a place to stop over.

We at Santiago Tourist believe that the city has a lot to offer, and we’re here to help guide and advise you through your time here; whether you’re staying for a week, a few months, or long-term, we’ve got information relevant to you!  If you’re after basic travel information, see articles such as How to Get to and From the AirportCar Hire in SantiagoUsing Public TransportationLearning SpanishChanging Money and our Accommodation series. See more in our Expat Resources section.


If you’re wondering how to spend a few days in the city, see Buin ZooMural Meander and our Central Barrios Walking Tour. We’ve also got Food & Wine information, including restaurant reviews and wine tours.


And if you’re looking at venturing further throughout Chile, see our destination pieces like PucónValparaíso, San Pedro de Atacama and Iquique and Humberstone and others in our Chile section. Wondering how to get there? Never fear! Chilean Bus Travel and Pachamama are two of several Transportation options.


Chile’s a long way from a lot of places, and many people like to put together a longer trip – we’re continuing to add information for that, too! Peru, Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, Argentinean Patagonia and Buenos Aires are just a few options to consider.


Do you live in Santiago now? Wondering how to accomplish (what should be) easy tasks? Try these: How to Pay Recurring BillsHow to Get a Chilean ID card, shopping at La Vega, sending something through Chile Post and How to Handle an Earthquake.


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